Jailbreak and Unlock the iPhone 4s, 4, 3Gs, and 3g Quickly & Easily

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4s Quickly and Easily

The iPhone 4s is one of the most revolutionary devices ever placed in the hands of consumers. Leveraging apps, internet connectivity, GPS functionality, and of course cellular data and voice communication; there isn’t much the iPhone 4s can’t do. But Apple has placed a set of constraints on the device that can safely be overcome if you know how to jailbreak iPhone 4s. If you jailbreak iPhone 4s, you gain access the full power of the device’s hardware! Continue reading

Unlock 4.3.5 – How To Unlock iPhone 4.3.5 IOS in a Few Steps

The current IOS release from Apple is apple is no longer 4.3.5. Unfortunately, for many iPhone 3 and 3gs users, upgrading to the newest version of software comes with sluggish performance and the possibility of random crashes. If you are looking for the functionality of the newer IOS builds on your older device, considering trying to unlock iPhone 4.3.5 after you’ve jailbroken the phone. Once you jailbreak the phone, it is easy to unlock 4.3.5, which will then allow you to enjoy some of the following features: Continue reading

Unlock 4.3.3 – How To Unlock iPhone 4.3.3 IOS Easily

Many times, the latest and greatest software update can be filled with problems, or may run slow on older devices. For many users of older IOS devices, version 4.3.3 is a nice compromise of features, stability, and overall speed. But even these users can see benefits if they choose to unlock iPhone 4.3.3. Once you jailbreak the phone so you can unlock 4.3.3, you have access to many of the features found on later IOS releases, without the slow performance associated with running  IOS 5 or greater on older hardware. Continue reading