Jailbreak and Unlock the iPhone 4s, 4, 3Gs, and 3g Quickly & Easily

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4s Quickly and Easily

The iPhone 4s is one of the most revolutionary devices ever placed in the hands of consumers. Leveraging apps, internet connectivity, GPS functionality, and of course cellular data and voice communication; there isn’t much the iPhone 4s can’t do. But Apple has placed a set of constraints on the device that can safely be overcome if you know how to jailbreak iPhone 4s. If you jailbreak iPhone 4s, you gain access the full power of the device’s hardware!


Why Should You Jailbreak iPhone 4?

Jail breaking the iPhone is the gateway to adding increased functionality, and full control of the device. While the factory configured iPhone is a wonderful device, the added functionality obtained by using an iPhone 4 jailbreaker will allow you to do things such as:


  • Seamlessly switch tasks

When you jail break iPhone 4, you will gain the ability to control the switching of tasks, and easily access and manipulate background functions.


  • Change the appearance of your phone

While the standard IOS allows for some customization, using an iPhone jailbreak will allow you to develop customized themes and more for your iPhone.


  • Get better organizational control

While newer IOS versions support folders, they are extremely limited.  When you jail break your iPhone, you will have expanded control of the folders, and be able to store more apps per folder.


  • Carrier unlock your phone

For many iPhone users, their carrier is a major source of frustration. When you jail break iPhone, you gain the ability to carrier unlock your phone. This allows you to use your phone with any carrier that supports the iPhone’s frequency spectrum.


  • Get tons of more apps

Without a doubt, the Apple app store provides tons of functionality for your phone, but what if we told you that there are thousand s of free apps you can get for your iPhone with you jailbreak it? Using Cydia and a jailbroken iPhone.


So how do you gain all this functionality for your iPhone?

If you’re asking how to jailbreak iPhone 4, you basically have two options. You can do it yourself, or you can trust third-party software to handle the task for you.


Method #1: Jailbreak it yourself

If you are comfortable with computer file systems, understand the difference between your phone’s IOS and baseband, this option might work for you. Much of the difficulty of this process is ensuring you have the exact jailbreak application for the specific combination of hardware and software settings on your phone. You should be aware that while it completely possible to complete this task on your own, there is potential risk of an inoperable iPhone as a result of a failed jailbreak and carrier unlock. This leads to the second method you can use.


Method#2: iPhone 4 jail break software and guided tutorial.

This method employs professionally developed and 100% supported software combined with a detailed tutorial to automate the jailbreak process, and guide you through the use of the software. This method ensures you’ll always have the correct jailbreak software for your specific phone!



The best way to jailbreak iPhone 4s

If you want to know the best answer to “how to jailbreak iPhone 4s?” our answer is to definitely go with professionally developed jailbreak software. Because the software is fully supported, and ensures the correct jailbreak application will be used based upon your unique phone; the risk of problems is greatly minimized. A new iPhone is expensive, purchasing quality software is cheap insurance that you’ll be able to enjoy and enhance your phone for years to come.

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