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How To Jailbreak iPhone 5 the Safe and Easy Way

If you’re looking to jailbreak iPhone 5, there are multiple methods you can use. Whether you want an integrated solution, or can handle the process on your own; before you start, make sure you know the basics of how to jailbreak iPhone 5. Once you understand the basic process, select the product that will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone safely and easily.


Step #1: Know the hardware and software version on your phone

Before you can jail break iPhone 5, you need to know the version of Apple’s IOS, and the physical hardware baseband your phone is running. From your home screen, open settings, next look under general, then about. This screen will show you the current software and baseband version your phone is running


Step #2: Select the proper iPhone 5 jailbreaker utility

After you’ve determined your phone’s specific hardware and software versions, search the web for a jailbreak utility that will work with your phone. It is important to select the proper utility.


Step #3: Download and install the software

After you’ve found the software, download it to your computer, perform a virus scan, and then install the software suite. Make sure to restart your machine after you install the software.


Step #4: Backup your iPhone

To ensure you don’t lose any data in the process of the iPhone jailbreak, back up the contents and settings of your iPhone using iTunes.


Step #5: Connect your iPhone to your pc, and run the jailbreak utility.

If you selected the correct utility for your combination of hardware and software, and have your phone connected to your pc, the utility should be able to successfully jailbreak your iPhone with minimum risk of rendering the phone useless. If your phone is successfully jailbroken, you’re done. Otherwise, refer to step 6 to troubleshoot your jailbreak attempt.


Step #6: Troubleshoot a failed jailbreak

If your phone doesn’t appear to have changed at all, connect it to iTunes, do a full restore and try again. If your phone is locked, perform a hard reset of the phone, then connect it to iTunes and perform a restore. Unfortunately you either received a bad version of jailbreaking software, a version for a different phone, or both.


So what was the safe and easy way?

We’re glad you asked. While some people have had luck using the DIY method of jailbreaking outlined above, we have had better luck using professionally developed software that ensures the job gets done right the first time.


For the best results, we recommend you use a combination of a guided tutorial, and professionally developed iPhone 5 jailbreak software. Using quality software to jailbreak iPhone 5 greatly minimizes risk to your phone, and gets you up and running quickly. For these main reasons, we always recommend professionally developed software and a guided tutorial whenever we’re asked hot to jailbreak iPhone 5. The peace of mind, and added security provided by using this type of software far outweighs any perceived gain using the do-it-yourself approach.

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