Jailbreak and Unlock the iPhone 4s, 4, 3Gs, and 3g Quickly & Easily

How to unlock iPhone 3gs – iPhone 3g Unlock in a Few Easy Steps

The iPhone 3gs is a remarkable piece of hardware. If you already own one, you know exactly what we’re talking about. But as good as the phone is, it can be made even better through the practice of unlocking the phone. This begs the question, how to unlock iPhone 3gs? There are multiple ways you can unlock the phone, ranging from down and dirty do-it-yourself methods, to sophisticated software applications that do all the heavy lifting for you. But before we get into how to unlock iPhone 3g, let’s take a look at why you would want to.

Why exactly should I unlock iPhone 3gs?

One of the main reasons to perform an iPhone 3gs unlock is to allow you to use the phone on the carrier of your choice. Before you can unlock your phone, you’ll undergo a process known as jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreaking allows you a legal means to access the core functionality of the phone. Once the phone is jailbroken, it can be improved over the standard iPhone 4 in the following ways:

  • Fast toggles and task switching

Once jailbroken, you will have unprecedented control over your iPhone. With fast toggles you can quickly change between using your cellular data network or wi-fi on the fly. Have a page you started loading in the car, but showed up at home? Rather than close Safari and restart the session, just toggle your internet connection and take advantage of your wi-fi connectivity!


  • Customized appearance

With a jailbroken iPhone 3g, you can implement visual themes, change background pictures, and change the data that is displayed on the home screen.


  • SMS quick reply

Have you ever been in the middle of using an app when a text message comes in? If so you know the frustration of having to stop what you’re doing to respond to at txt message. With a jailbroken phone, you can use SMS quick reply to answer the text without ever leaving the app you were using.


  • Unlocking iPhone 3gs

By far the best reason to jailbreak your iPhone is to be able to carrier unlock iPhone 3. When you perform an iPhone 3g unlock, you can then use your iPhone on any carrier network of your choosing!


How do I get my iPhone 3gs unlocked?

There are multiple ways you can unlock your iPhone, but today we’re looking at the fastest and easiest, method available. In our opinion, you can’t do better than a product that offers a guided tutorial, professionally developed software, and is 100% guaranteed to unlock your phone.


Unlock iPhone 3gs in 3 simple steps


Step #1: Download Jailbreak/Unlock software

You simply enter your phone model and info to select the correct software for your application.


Step #2: Connect your iPhone via USB

Once your phone is connected to your pc, the software will be able to communicate with the device and perform the jailbreak and unlock procedure.


Step #3: Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone

In a matter of minutes, the software will jailbreak, then unlock your iPhone. The process is quick, easy, and 100% supported with 24/7 technical support!


Is it really that easy?

When the question is, “how to unlock iPhone 3gs?” there really is no easier or safer way than using the guided tutorial and professionally developed software mentioned above. The combination of the tutorial, 24/7 support, and 100% guarantee to be able to unlock your phone makes this method the definitive how to unlock iPhone 3g solution!

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