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How to Unlock iPhone 5 – Quick iPhone 5 Unlock Now

The iPhone 5 IOS is one of the most advanced IOS to date, but even with all it has to offer, it limits the functionality of the iPhone. In order to get the most utility from their phones, many users are asking how to unlock iPhone 5. Because new IOS releases require new jailbreak and unlock software utilities, the software used for iPhone 4 will not work to unlock iPhone 5.


What’s the difference between unlocking iPhone 5 and jailbreaking iPhone 5?

Many people refer to jailbreaking and unlocking interchangeably. There is however a very simple explanation that defines the two practices. Jailbreaking allows you to configure additional aspects of the phone’s interface, the apps it can access, and other settings. When you get your iPhone 5 unlocked, you make it so that the phone can be used with the cellular carrier of your choice. In order to unlock your phone, you first need to jailbreak it. Once your phone is jailbroken, there are three great features you’ll surely want to check out!


  • Complete visual customization

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you will have access to apps and basic settings that will allow you to customize nearly every element of your phone’s visual presentation.


  • Say hello to Cydia

Part of the jailbreaking process will allow your iPhone to run Cydia. This app is unique in that it allows your phone to install and run apps that aren’t found on the Apple App store. This means you will have access to thousands of additional apps, many of which are completely free.


  • Pick a carrier, any carrier

The number 1 reason people jailbreak their phones is to perform an iPhone 5 unlock. This allows their phone to be used with the carrier of their choosing. This is especially handy for international travelers, as they can merely buy a pre-paid sim when they get to their destination, and use their unlocked phone with a local carrier, avoiding costly international roaming charges in the process.


So what’s the best way to unlock iPhone 5?

While some people prefer to take the do-it-yourself route, we strongly suggest the use of iPhone 5 unlocking software combined with a guided tutorial. Our favorite product combines the tutorial, professionally developed software, and 24/7 support to show you how to unlock an iPhone 5. Use these 3 easy steps to unlock iPhone 5 now!


Step #1: Download simple to use software

Our favorite software is so easy to use that all you have to do is select the type of iPhone you have and answer a few simple questions.


Step #2: Get connected!

After you’ve installed the software, you merely connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac via USB.


Step #3: Jailbreak and unlock

Once your phone is connected, the software will quickly and safely jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to get iPhone 5 unlocked right now!


Could it be any easier or faster?

Not really. Because of the speed and reliability of the software combined with 24/7 support, and a guided tutorial, once you use this software, you’ll never worry about how to unlock iPhone 5 again. With this software package it’s never been easier or faster to unlock iPhone 5!

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