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Unlock 4.3.5 – How To Unlock iPhone 4.3.5 IOS in a Few Steps

The current IOS release from Apple is apple is no longer 4.3.5. Unfortunately, for many iPhone 3 and 3gs users, upgrading to the newest version of software comes with sluggish performance and the possibility of random crashes. If you are looking for the functionality of the newer IOS builds on your older device, considering trying to unlock iPhone 4.3.5 after you’ve jailbroken the phone. Once you jailbreak the phone, it is easy to unlock 4.3.5, which will then allow you to enjoy some of the following features:


  • Data tethering

If you’ve ever been traveling for work, and have had to scrounge to find wi-fi access to check your email, or do work on your laptop; data tethering can be a godsend. Tethering allows you to share your phone’s 3g wireless connection to access the Internet. If you’re concerned about your carrier’s policy towards tethering, you can always unlock ios 4.3.5, and migrate to a new carrier with better service and policies.


  • Better folders organization

A jailbroken iPhone running IOS 4.3.5 can enjoy a level of organization that would make 4s owners envious. Once your phone is jailbroken, you have much greater access to control every aspect of how data is stored, organized, and retrieved on your phone. Many of the apps available outside of the Apple app store support folders that can contain more apps than the default 12 in the standard Apple IOS folders.


  • Make your iPhone truly unique

While current IOS users can change their lock screen background, and their home screen background, the level of customization pretty much stops there. This stands in stark contrast to the level of customization a jailbroken iPhone can provide. Whether you want a different status bar, themed icons, different backgrounds for text messages, browser skins, or pretty much anything else you can think of; you have the ability to change most of the visual elements on a jailbroken iPhone.


  • It all comes down to apps

While the Apple app store boasts over 500000 apps, the Cydia applications that can be added to your jailbroken iPhone add thousands more. The increase in available apps means extra functionality when you perform an iPhone 4.3.5 unlock.


Speaking of unlocking the iPhone

The ability to unlock iPhone IOS is directly attributed to the jailbreak process. The control given to access all areas of the phone, allow the unlock software to be executed. While there are multiple ways to go about unlocking your iPhone, our favorite approach is as simple as three easy steps.


Step #1: Download quality jailbreak and unlock software

Our favorite software asks you for the model of your phone and a few other questions that help to ensure the software you download will work with your specific phone setup.


Step #2: Connect your phone to your PC or Mac via USB

With your phone connected to your PC, you can start the jailbreak software, then follow up with an ios unlock.


Step #3: Jailbreak, unlock, and enjoy!

Professionally developed software makes quick work of the jailbreaking process. Once the jailbreak is complete, the software handles the carrier unlock. Because the software is built specifically for your phone’s combination of hardware and software, the software company boasts a 100% guarantee to be able to unlock your iPhone.


Full service support

If for some reason you have difficulty when you try to unlock iPhone 4.3.5, you can refer to the software publisher’s detailed tutorial, or contact their customer support staff 24/7 to help you unlock 4.3.5. With the combination of performance and support, it’s no wonder this is our favorite jailbreaking and unlocking software solution.

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